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You should now have an understanding of basic HTML_QuickForm_advmultiselect functionality, but there are many more features in the package, each of them deserving a separate tutorial. This section will give a short overview of them and point you to the complete documentation.

The advmultiselect element offers a lot of possibilities to customize its layout and appearance. Remember that form output is done via renderers - special classes containing necessary logic. There are QuickForm renderers that directly output HTML and those that use template engines for this.

Headers allow to give caption (label) to one or both list as any other QuickForm element that support multi-labels system.

Buttons allow to swap items from one list to the other, or arrange order of your selection.

Sorts allow to re-arrange order of the selection, by the end-user. Its also allow to set (by programming) a pre-set order (alphabetic or reverse) to each list.

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