constructor HTML_MenuBrowser::HTML_MenuBrowser()

constructor HTML_MenuBrowser::HTML_MenuBrowser() – Creates the object and optionally sets the directory to scan.


require_once 'HTML/MenuBrowser.php';

void constructor HTML_MenuBrowser::HTML_MenuBrowser ( string $dir = '' , string $index = '' , string $file_suffix = '' )


This package is not documented yet.


string $dir

Directory to scan

string $index

Filename of index pages

string $file_suffix

Suffix for files containing the additional data


throws no exceptions thrown


see HTML_MenuBrowser::$dir


This function can not be called statically.

Simple filesystem browser that can be used to generated menu (3) hashes based on the directory structure. (Previous) Adds further informations to the menu hash gathered from the files in it (Next)
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