constructor HTML_Menu_SigmaRenderer()

constructor HTML_Menu_SigmaRenderer() – Class constructor.


require_once 'HTML/Menu/SigmaRenderer.php';

void constructor HTML_Menu_SigmaRenderer::HTML_Menu_SigmaRenderer ( object HTML_Template_Sigma &$tpl , string $prefix = 'mu_' )


Sets the template object to use and sets prefix for template blocks and placeholders. We use prefix to avoid name collisions with existing template blocks and it is customisable to allow output of several menus into one template.


object HTML_Template_Sigma &$tpl

template object to use for output

string $prefix

prefix for template blocks and placeholders


throws no exceptions thrown


This function can not be called statically.

The renderer that uses HTML_Template_Sigma instance for menu output. (Previous) HTML_Template_Sigma-based renderer for 'tree' and 'sitemap' type menus, where menu level is represented by tag nesting. (Next)
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