Options – Setting document-wide options.


HTML_Common2 provides static HTML_Common2::setOption() and HTML_Common2::getOption() methods for defining the document-wide configuration. Predefined options in HTML_Common2 are:

Charset parameter to use in htmlspecialchars() calls, defaults to 'ISO-8859-1'
string used to indent HTML elements, defaults to "\11"
string used to indicate linebreak, defaults to "\12"

It is suggested that child classes of HTML_Common2 use the above parameters when generating HTML.

Note that setOption() and getOption() allow any option names so packages depending on HTML_Common2 may add their own configuration:

::setOption('my_option_name''My option value');
// ...
if (HTML_Common2::getOption('my_option_name')) {
// do something
getOption() will return NULL for an unknown option name, it will return an array of all options and their values if option name is omitted.
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