Available Containers

Supported configuration file types

The Config package supports reading and writing to different "containers" - types of configuration files. Ini-style configuration files are very common.

Feature comparison
Container Comments Sections Nested sections Multiline strings Boolean Int/float Null
Apache yes yes yes - (yes)* (yes)* (yes)*
GenericConf yes - - yes (yes)* (yes)* (yes)*
IniCommented yes yes - - (yes)* (yes)* (yes)*
IniFile - yes - yes (yes)* (yes)* (yes)*
PHPArray - yes yes yes yes yes yes
PHPConstants yes - - - (yes)* (yes)* (yes)*
XML no yes yes yes (yes)* (yes)* (yes)*

(yes)* indicates that saving and loading those types does work, but the type of the variable is "string" after reading the config file.

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