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Sorry for the late comments:

- Most methods name start with "image". I would recommend to drop that. It just take longer to type.
- Some method name change recommendation
+ imageSX -> getWidth
+ imageSY -> getHeight
+ imageLine -> drawLine (and the like drawRectangle, drawEllipse...)
+ imageSetPixel -> setPixel (or drawPixel for consistency)
+ imageColorAt -> getColorAt
+ imageXBM -> output
+ imageCreateFromXBM -> createFromFile

- As Alan already commented:
+ "if" block needs {}
+ Constants needs to be IMAGE_XBM_*

- Constructor cannot return()

- In imageFigletText, if ratio is expected to be a number or "X:Y" format, no need of preg_split(/[:x]/), just explode(':')

- _hexdec is not needed. 0xAF is already a standard PHP number. Just use hexdec() instead.

- In imageCreateFromXBM the file resource doesn't seem to be closed in successful flow.

- Add some spaces around all operators (+, =, /, *, <<...)

- Return the result of _ellipse directly instead of calling the method then "return true". It saves a return statement.

- @access should be after @return in docBlock comments.

- PEAR CS: Opening curly braces "{" for function declaration goes to following line.

- Small optimization: in "for" loops, use pre-incrementation: ++$x instead of $x++
- The save to file method doesn't seem to handle failure to open file for writing (method always returns true.)