Proposal for "DB_DataObject_FormBuilder_Frontend"

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  • Status: Proposed
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Package to build frontends for database editing. The most basic use requires very little code, most is done in a config-file written in xml.

It displays list of tables that can be edited, lists the contents of the tables and forms for editing/adding/deleting records from these tables.

Database access is done using DB_DataObjects, forms for editing is made using DB_DataObject_FormBuilder and the lists of tables or table-contents with Structures_DataGrid. This makes the behavior and output very flexible. But if not flexible enough, the package can be easily expanded using plugins and different forms of callback-methods.

Code can be found on Github

» Dependencies » Links
  • DB_DataObject
  • DB_DataObject_FormBuilder
  • Structures_DataGrid
  • Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_Pager
  • Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_HTMLTable
  • Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_Array
  • Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_DataObject
  • HTML_QuickForm
  • Pager
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  • First Draft: 2012-12-20
  • Proposal: 2012-12-22
  • Call for Votes: 1970-01-01
  • Voting Extended: 1970-01-01