Proposal for "Service_Amazon_S3"

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Service_Amazon_S3 is a PHP library for accessing Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). The library is based on the 2006-03-01 REST API.

Using this library you can

  • list, create and delete buckets, including buckets with location constraints (European buckets)
  • create, read and delete objects including metadata
  • list keys in a bucket using an SPL Iterator with support for paging, key prefixes and delimiters
  • manipulate access control lists for buckets and objects
  • specify the request style (virtualhost, cname, path style) and endpoint
  • get signed URLs to allow a trusted third party to access private files
  • access buckets and objects using PHP filesystem functions through a stream wrapper
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  • HTTP_Request >= 1.4.0
  • Crypt_HMAC
  • PHP >= 5.1.1
  • SPL
» Timeline » Changelog
  • First Draft: 2008-01-26
  • Proposal: 2008-02-09
  • Call for Votes: 2008-03-11