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HTML_AJAX provides AJAX capabilities to PHP (AJAX allows your browsing using JavaScript to communicate with the server without causing a page reload).

A JavaScript library that provides AJAX functionality and some other basics, this library can be used standalone if wanted.

The PHP codes provides direct RPC style mapping of PHP functions to JavaScript. This is provided through the generation of OO proxy classes in JavaScript.

A server which contains autoload type functionality for exported classes to help when using the implementation in large projects.

The basic feature list is:

  • AJAX functionality
  • Cross Browser XMLHttpRequest Wrapping
  • Sync or Async calls
  • Global Error handling
  • Global event handling
  • Automatic OO Proxy Generation
  • Proxyless (standalone) operation
  • Multiple Serialization types
    • Null
    • JSON
    • XML Planned
  • Autodetection of serailization based on content-type

The goal is to support all major browsers but currently Safari and Opera aren't supported due to there sub-par XMLHttpRequest implementations. Hopefully Iframe support as a backup can be supported.

Note: Service_JSON is currently bundled in HTML_AJAX since it is still in a draft state, the author is currently pushing it forward and HTML_AJAX will switch to depending on that before its first stable release

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  • Service_JSON
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  • First Draft: 2005-07-22
  • Proposal: 2005-07-22
  • Call for Votes: 2005-08-02
  • Joshua Eichorn
    [2005-07-22 03:24 UTC]

    Update list to use wiki syntax properly, preview would be great

  • Joshua Eichorn
    [2005-07-22 17:44 UTC]

    Get the package name set right, thanks Klaus

  • Joshua Eichorn
    [2005-07-29 03:30 UTC]

    Upgrade adding event and error handling, also added a link to the js source directory on the example source page.

  • Joshua Eichorn
    [2005-07-29 18:31 UTC]

    New Release
    Fixes JavaScript compatability problems with Firefox 1.x and IE

    Also uses DIRECTORY_SEPERATOR constant in clientJsLocation

  • Joshua Eichorn
    [2005-08-02 01:58 UTC]

    A new releasing updating docblocks and coding brackets, this should be everything now