Proposal for "Console_Wizard"

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  • Category: Console
  • Proposer: Clay Loveless 
  • License: Apache License
  • Status: Proposed
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The Console_Wizard package provides methods for creating, validating and processing multi-screen interactive console applications.

Similar in many ways to HTML_QuickForm and HTML_QuickForm_Controller, Console_Wizard's features include:

  • Intuitive handling of multiple-choice questions, yes/no questions and user-input questions.
  • QuickForm-style validation rules for responses.
  • Customizable application headers, footers, prompts, and default answers.
  • Configurable per-response callback function/method and "goto" settings.
  • Wizard-wide process callback handling.
  • Automatic generation of multiple-choice indexes for multiple-choice questions.
  • Easily extendable filters and rules.

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  • Console_Color (optional)
» Timeline » Changelog
  • First Draft: 2005-07-08
  • Proposal: 2005-07-08
  • Clay Loveless
    [2005-07-31 20:17 UTC]

    Numerous tweaks based on suggestions from Bertrand Mansion, including:

    • Made error messages localizable
      • Added support for constructor and singleton option array
      • Added support for option array for addQuestion() method and Console_Wizard_Question constructor


    • Globalized error messages array so that setting/retrieving errors can be done statically.
      • Fixed bug with variable naming in calling setProcess() method
  • Thies C. Arntzen
    [2023-09-03 20:58 UTC]