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  • Bertrand Mansion  [2005-07-17 08:57 UTC]

    First impressions:

    CS issues:
    - Instance variables should use camelCase IMO.


    - Index types should be setable on a per question basis.
    - the constructor and singleton() should accept an option/configuration array.
    - addQuestion should accept be 3 parameters max, the third one being an option array (to prevent future API problems)
    - maybe do the same with addRule(), unless you are sure it won't change.
    - It should be possible to use a previous answer to setup the next questions. A page system like in QFC might work.
    - What about an xml wizard definition ?
    - Make sure every text is localizable.

    - addGroupRule() is empty

    I haven't run the examples yet, I'll let you know later.
  • Clay Loveless  [2005-07-31 20:33 UTC]

    Thanks, Bertrand. Regarding your points:

    -camelCase instance variables
    I have looked through the CS guidelines, and I am familiar with the camelCase rule for method names. However, there is no rule that I could find regarding variable names. So, I've written variables_like_this and methodsLikeThis to make it very easy to tell them apart at a glance.

    - Index types settable on per-question basis
    This is a good idea, and I just realized I forgot to put it in alpha2. I will add this feature for alpha3.

    - option/config arrays for constructor, singleton() and addQuestion()
    Great idea, done!

    - previous answer to setup next question
    Unless I misunderstand you, this is already possible with the setNextQuestion methods. Both the Question and Answer classes have this method, allowing for a default next question, and the setting of a specific next question based on a specific answer.

    - xml wizard definition
    Good idea, I'm planning on this for a future release. I'd like to make the format compatible with the XML format used in defining post-install scripts in PEAR 1.4.0.

    - localizable text

    - addGroupRule empty
    This is still on my to-do list. Working on a good way to handle this, and will include it in the next alpha release.

    Thanks again, Bertrand!
  • Markus Tacker  [2005-11-02 15:29 UTC]

    This code

    $Console =& Console_Wizard::singleton();
    $Console->addQuestion('tracker', 'Which tracker would you like to use?');
    echo '<pre>'; print_r($Console->exportValues()); echo '</pre>';

    produces these errors on PHP 5.1.0RC3

    Notice: Undefined variable: answer in /usr/share/php/Console/Wizard/Question.php on line 579

    Notice: Undefined variable: answer in /usr/share/php/Console/Wizard/Question.php on line 595

    Notice: Undefined index: in /usr/share/php/Console/Wizard/Question.php on line 595

    Fatal error: Call to a member function getNextQuestion() on a non-object in /usr/share/php/Console/Wizard/Question.php on line 595
  • Laurent Laville  [2006-03-09 09:20 UTC]

    First time i try Console_Wizard, long time ago after proposal was opened (snif)! But i expected to use it now as a cli front end.

    I run in trouble with PHP 4.4.2:

    Remember you defined PHP required min 4.1.0 as dependency

    Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING in [...]\pear\Console\Wizar
    d.php on line 554

    Due to "instanceof" operator (PHP5 only)

    There are others implements on lines 689, 987.