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  • Christian Weiske  [2011-02-27 11:35 UTC]

    Some problems:
    - package.xml not valid. You also need no baseinstalldir apart from the first dir tag, and md5sums are automatically generated by pear when calling "pear package"
    -- dependencies are missing (i.e. http_request2)
    - Your example require w3c_htmlvalidator files
  • Till Klampaeckel  [2011-02-27 18:48 UTC]

    Code looks really clean - kudos for that. The documentation is great too!

    In addition to what Christian said:

    * I'd implement a fluent interface for all set (__set(), set*(), add*()) methods (currently you return void)
    * I'd refactor parseRestResponse()
    * in Services_AChecker_Response, Services_AChecker_Message, ...: I'd rather have get and set methods instead of public variables (personal preference, I guess)
    * type hinting in addError(), addLikelyProblem(), addPotentialProblem()
    * added bonus: unit tests :-)