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  • Alan Knowles  [2010-01-31 23:04 UTC]

    a) Naming
    It's been discussed before, If you could provide an API, and write the code to unify all the existing template engines in PEAR etc. then this would be a suitable name, otherwise please pick a name 'HTML_Template_Jacopo' or similar.

    (there was considerable interest in doing this a few years ago, but it never saw the light of day... as unfortuntaly it's not a pretty problem to solve.)

    b) Escaping output.
    Did not see that the engine was doing this.. - bit of a security hole,

    c) Include all - why include the compiler etc. when you may have already compiled the template.

    d) Constants - please use PHP5 constants, rather than poluting the global namespace.

    Last of all:
    Think about why this is an improvement on the current offerings in PEAR, why you did not contribute to them rather than create a new one.
  • Matthew Fonda  [2010-02-01 02:25 UTC]

    I agree with all the points made by Alan.

    Also, in my opinion there is no need for Yet-Another-Template-Engine in PEAR. Please consider contributing to one of the other PEAR template engines. If not--please highlight clearly how your system is better than these, and what things it can do that other can't.
  • Jaco  [2010-02-01 13:19 UTC]

    @Alan Knowles
    I've read something about your d) point... and this is the new version I wrote: this your point?
  • Michael Gauthier  [2010-02-01 15:48 UTC]


    Typically, you would include your consts in the relevant class, instead of putting them all in a separate class.

    The most important thing for this proposal is to outline what features this template engine has compared to other template engines; why would I use this instead of Smarty?