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  • Bill Shupp  [2008-09-27 18:21 UTC]

    * Services_oEmbed_Exception extends Exception, not PEAR_Exception

    * Nice use of libxml_use_internal_errors()

    * The proposal and package.xml both lack dependencies for Net_URL2 and Validate.

    * I'd like to see timeouts configurable, i.e. CURLOPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT for curl and the timeout / readTimeout options for HTTP_Request.

    Nice work!
  • Joe Stump  [2008-09-29 22:15 UTC]

    * I've created Services_oEmbed::setOption() along with the ability to explicitly set the API URI, HTTP timeout, and User-Agent.
    * I've created a central Services_oEmbed::sendRequest() method and standardized on using curl.
    * I left the exception classes as-is because it's not required by the CS and it's somewhat unliked in the PEAR community (see PEAR_Exception2 RFC).
  • Joe Stump  [2008-09-29 22:30 UTC]

    I now see that PEAR_Exception is required. Fixing now.