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  • David Coallier  [2006-11-28 21:28 UTC]

    Start with the mad comments:
    Comments are not phpdoc compliant.

    I like the code otherwise, well using the HTTP_Request package, and php5, I like!
  • Mark Wiesemann  [2006-12-04 18:31 UTC]

    Two comments on the following lines of code:

    switch ($type) {
    case 'uri':
    $this->_request->addQueryString('uri', $this->uri);
    $method = 'addQueryString';

    - "break" should be indented the same as the three lines above of it
    - having the "default" case here seems to circumvent that the script reaches the other cases (below the default case)

    And to be nit-picky:
    "$var=>$val" in Message.php should get two spaces

    Apart from these issues: Nice idea, nice package.