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  • Arnaud Limbourg  [2005-11-23 07:59 UTC]

    The class name would have to be changed from SimpleCalendar to HTML_SimpleCalendar.

    The class is very dense. Any particular reason why you did not use the calendar package to do the generation?
  • Josh Peters  [2005-11-23 18:53 UTC]

    Arnaud, I've gone ahead and changed the name. I was a little confused, as I figured vainly that the category name would automatically be prepended to it with an underscore.

    Can you explain your usage of the word "dense"? I hope you are not being insulting. (if so, I can deal with it, but I just want to know what you're talking about)

    The reason for not using the Calendar package was that it was still "beta" (and not "stable") so I didn't want to be working on top of a package that was still very much subject to change (this may have been a poor assumption on my part).
  • Alan Knowles  [2005-11-24 01:36 UTC]

    It would be best to remove all the HTML / javascript/ css
    from the class, and create a simple HTML file, to do the rendering eg.
    include "HTML/Calendar/Views/Standard.php";

    in there just do pure html with php variable included ar required

    just fix your class name in the CSS, (eg. HTML_Calendar_View_Standard)- if people want to mess around different Css names etc, they can create different views.