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  • Stephan Schmidt  [2004-02-14 08:24 UTC]

    It would be great having this in PEAR, as it could be perfectly combined wit Net_Server. I hope enough people understand what this package provides and will vote for it.
  • Stefan Neufeind  [2004-02-14 09:14 UTC]

    Though working with pcntl_fork() seems to be straight-forward it would be nice to have this wrapper for easier handling and shared variable space. Looking at the source I think it might be quite handy to have this in PEAR ...
  • David Costa  [2004-03-03 12:32 UTC]

    Hello Luca!
    I am one of the PEAR Doc volunteers. I checked your initial docs, albeit fine you should include more comments and examples. To some extend this can be done with a properly commented source: this will allow phpdocumentor to generate a really good/acceptable documentation.

    While what you did is certainly good for an expert user, some might need a clear documentation with examples so you should try to look at other packages or ask Greg re: how to enhance the phpdocumentor functionality and generate almost perfect docs on the fly.

    I appreciate that documentation is not the first concern for a developer, but if you want your package to be successful, you should consider a mode detailed documentation.
  • Vitaliy N. Kravchenko  [2004-03-04 17:29 UTC]

    I like it.