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  • Tobias Schlitt  [2005-03-15 17:00 UTC]

    This sounds like a cool package. Maybe you can provide a screenshot of the running application, so one does not have PHP-GTK working to see what the result looks like?
  • Laurent Laville  [2005-03-21 21:55 UTC]

    I like idea of a such package, but i would prefered more GUI than just Gtk;

    is it possible to think, to have a html GUI too with a template engine such as Sigma, ITx or Smarty ?

    It will be less restrictive than just a gtk frontend ! is it ok , possible to investigate in such way ?
  • Greg Beaver  [2005-03-22 22:46 UTC]

    this class is really neat. I definitely think different frontends belong in separate packages.
  • Greg Beaver  [2005-03-28 06:59 UTC]

    incidentally, PEAR_PackageFileManager 1.5.0 is out, which should enable this gui to extract information from existing package.xml using the importOptions() method
  • Daniel Convissor  [2005-04-04 15:31 UTC]

    Nice job with adhering to the coding standards. A few things still need to be cleaned up, please.

    * Remove the old file header. Just use the docblock header.
    * Fix the order and usage of the @ tags in the header and method docblocks. See the Coding Standards for more info.
    * When noting the use of references, I believe hte right format is putting the "&" at the variable name not the variable type (eg: @param object &$entry).