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Class: Text_Wiki_Parse_Tt

Source Location: /Text_Wiki_Cowiki-0.0.2/Text/Wiki/Parse/Cowiki/Tt.php

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Find source text marked for teletype (monospace).




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[line 40]
Find source text marked for teletype (monospace).

Defined by text surrounded by two curly braces. On parsing, the text itself is left in place, but the starting and ending instances of curly braces are replaced with tokens.

Token options are:

'type' => ['start'|'end'] The starting or ending point of the teletype text. The text itself is left in the source.

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Class Variables

$regex =  "/=({*?.*}*?)=/U"

[line 55]

The regular expression used to parse the source text.
  • See: parse()
  • Access: public

Type:   string

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Method Detail

process   [line 71]

string process( array &$matches)

Generates a replacement for the matched text.
  • Return: A pair of delimited tokens to be used as a placeholder in the source text surrounding the teletype text.
  • Access: public


array   &$matches   —  The array of matches from parse().

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