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Class: Text_Wiki_Parse_Bold

Source Location: /Text_Wiki_Cowiki-0.0.2/Text/Wiki/Parse/Cowiki/Bold.php

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Parses for bold text.




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Parses for bold text.

This class implements a Text_Wiki_Rule to find source text marked for strong emphasis (bold) as defined by text surrounded by three single-quotes. On parsing, the text itself is left in place, but the starting and ending instances of three single-quotes are replaced with tokens.

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Class Variables

$regex =   '/\*(()|.*)\*/U'

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The regular expression used to parse the source text and find matches conforming to this rule. Used by the parse() method.
  • See: parse()
  • Access: public

Type:   string

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Method Detail

process   [line 72]

A process( array &$matches)

Generates a replacement for the matched text. Token options are:

'type' => ['start'|'end'] The starting or ending point of the emphasized text. The text itself is left in the source.

  • Return: pair of delimited tokens to be used as a placeholder in the source text surrounding the text to be emphasized.
  • Access: public


array   &$matches   —  The array of matches from parse().

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