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Class: Text_Wiki_Parse_Embed

Source Location: /Text_Wiki_Cowiki-0.0.2/Text/Wiki/Parse/Cowiki/Embed.php

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Embeds the results of a PHP script at render-time.




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Embeds the results of a PHP script at render-time.

This class implements a Text_Wiki_Parse to embed the contents of a URL inside the page at render-time. Typically used to get script output. This differs from the 'include' rule, which incorporates results at parse-time; 'embed' output does not get parsed by Text_Wiki, while 'include' ouput does.

This rule is inherently not secure; it allows cross-site scripting to occur if the embedded output has <script> or other similar tags. Be careful.

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Class Variables

$conf = array(
        'base' => '/path/to/scripts/'

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Type:   mixed

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$file =  null

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Type:   mixed

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$output =  null

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Type:   mixed

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$regex =  '/(\[\[embed )(.+?)( .+?)?(\]\])/i'

[line 66]

The regular expression used to find source text matching this rule.
  • Access: public

Type:   string

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$vars =  null

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Type:   mixed

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Method Detail

process   [line 84]

A process( array &$matches)

Generates a token entry for the matched text. Token options are:

'text' => The full matched text, not including the tags.

  • Return: delimited token number to be used as a placeholder in the source text.
  • Access: public


array   &$matches   —  The array of matches from parse().

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