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Turn PHP scripts into Linux daemons New BSD License
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1.0.0 (stable) was released on 2012-03-13 by kvz (Changelog)
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pear install System_Daemon

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php pyrus.phar install pear/System_Daemon

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» Description
System_Daemon is a PHP class that allows developers to create their own daemon
applications on Linux systems. The class is focussed entirely on creating &
spawning standalone daemons, and for example includes:

1. Methods to generate OS-specific startup-files (init.d) (currently only
Debian/Ubuntu are supported), so that your application gets started on
reboot as well.
2. Methods for logging purposes, also support for PEAR's Log package
3. Simple syntax
5. Can run with or without PEAR (PEAR adds more elegance & functionality,
no-PEAR offers functionality like including system_daemon with svn:externals
and reduced dependencies)
6. Default signal handlers, but optionally reroute signals to your own
7. Set options like max RAM usage
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