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A package designed to make creating input forms easy for packages and applications regardless of their user interface. PHP License
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0.8.0devel (devel) was released on 2006-09-15 by scottmattocks (Changelog)
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pear install Structures_Form

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php pyrus.phar install pear/Structures_Form

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» Description
This package was designed to make it easy to add forms to all packages and
applications regardless of the user interface. The package is modeled after
HTML_QuickForm but cannot extend HTML_QuickForm because HTML_QuickForm is
tied too tightly to HTML.

PHP-GTK 2 forms are very similar to HTML forms. They consist of a handful of
different input types and the data is submitted all together when a user
clicks the submit button. The difference is how the user values are
submitted and stored. HTML forms submit data in an HTTP request using either
GET or POST. PHP-GTK 2 forms call a callback which is then responsible for
retrieving the values.
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