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Title:[SZONE-14] tehdään demo-osoite pelille
Kokeillaan asentaa pear-paketti JSON-paketti vaatii puolestaan PHPUnit-paketin Jos ei asennu helposti, mietitään seuraavaa ratkaisua.
Weblog:phly, boy, phly
Title:PHP Unit Tests: and the winner is: phpt
I've been tinkering with Unit Testing for around a year now, and have tried using PHP Unit as well as Simple Test. It was while following the Simple Test tutorial that I finally grokked the idea of unit testing, and so that has been m
Weblog:ATK rules...
Title:Test First
At ibuildings, we're currently in the progress of evaluating Extreme Programming (XP). One of the key things in the XP philosophy is Test First. Back in the days when ibuildings was a group of about 6 merry hackers, we couldn't care less about formal
Weblog:Sebastian Bergmann
Title:New Releases of Benchmark, Image_GraphViz, and PHPUnit
I released Benchmark-1.2.2 (bugfixes only), Image_GraphViz-1.1.0 (Cluster and Named Graphs support), and PHPUnit-1.2.0 (PHP-GTK frontend) today.