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Weblog:Tobias Schlitt - a passion for php
Title:Bugfix releases for Net_FTP and Services Trackback
My recent releases fix a lot of tiny bugs in my PEAR packages Services_Trackback and Net_FTP.
Weblog:Tobias Schlitt - Weblog
Title:A look at package2.xml and how to create a PEAR 1.4 package.
I recently gave an overview on what will be new in PEAR 1.4, this time I'd like to start publishing some more detailed info on PEAR 1.4 news. Today's topic is package.xml version 2 and how to create a PEAR 1.4 package. This little article covers the crea
Weblog:Tobias Schlitt - Weblog
Title:Net_FTP 1.3.0 stable
I recently release Net_FTP 1.3.0 stable. After 2 RCs and just one little bug for RC2 within a month I decided to go stable with Net_FTP 1.3. Because of this there were just some minor changes to the files (e.g. updating documentation regarding PEARs new d
Weblog:Tobias Schlitt - Weblog
Title:Trackbacks on PEARWeb
Inspired by a blog entry of Sebastian Bergmann, I implemented trackbacks for PEAR packages on PEARWeb. So, what does this exactly mean? I think, everyone reading blogs should know, what a trackback is. If not, here is a little abstract on that from the M