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This package has been superseded, but is still maintained for bugs and security fixes. Use HTTP_Session2 instead.
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Object-oriented interface to the session_* family functions PHP Licence
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0.5.6 (beta) was released on 2007-07-16 by troehr (Changelog)
Easy Install

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pear install HTTP_Session

Pyrus Install

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php pyrus.phar install pear/HTTP_Session

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» Description
Object-oriented interface to the session_* family functions.
It provides extra features such as database storage for
session data using the DB, MDB, and MDB2 package as well as the Memcache extension. It introduces new methods
like isNew(), useCookies(), setExpire(), setIdle(),
isExpired(), isIdled() and others.
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Dependencies for HTTP_Session

  • PHP 4.2.0
  • DB 1.7.6 (Optional)
  • MDB 1.1.4 (Optional)
  • MDB2 2.0.1 (Optional)