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Major Features

XML_Query2XML allows you to transform the records retrieved with one or more SQL SELECT queries into XML data. Very simple to highly complex transformations are supported. Is was written with performance in mind and can handle large amounts of data. No XSLT needed!

  • 1. XML_Query2XML works with the classes provided by PHP5's built-in DOM API
  • 2. minimum effort necessary to get the simple jobs done
  • 3. highly configurable for more complex tasks
  • 4. ISO/IEC 9075-14:2005 support: mapping of SQL identifiers to XML names
  • 5. works with any database that is supported by PDO, PEAR DB, PEAR MDB2 or ADOdb
  • 6. easy integration of other XML data sources (e.g. raw XML data stored in the DB)
  • 7. debugging, logging and profiling features
  • 8. XML encoding: support for UTF-8, ISO-8859-1 and others
  • 9. in-depth documentation and case studies: tutorials and API documentation
  • 10. 1084 phpt unit tests
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