Class Summary Services_Weather_Weatherdotcom

Class Summary Services_Weather_Weatherdotcom – PEAR::Services_Weather_Weatherdotcom


This class acts as an interface to the xml service of It searches for given locations and retrieves current weather data as well as forecast for up to 10 days.

For using the xml-service please visit and follow the link to sign up, it's free! You will receive an email where to download the SDK with the needed images and guidelines how to publish live data from Unfortunately the guidelines are a bit harsh, that's why there's no actual data-representation in this class, just the raw data. Also demands active caching, so I'd strongly recommend enabling the caching implemented in this class. It obeys to the times as written down in the guidelines.

For a working example, please take a look at docs/Services_Weather/examples/

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Services_Weather_Weatherdotcom Inherited Methods

Inherited from Services_Weather_Common
Method Name Summary
Services_Weather_Common::calculateDewPoint() Calculate dewpoint from temperature and humidity This is only an approximation, there is no exact formula, this one here is called Magnus-Formula
Services_Weather_Common::calculateHumidity() Calculate humidity from temperature and dewpoint This is only an approximation, there is no exact formula, this one here is called Magnus-Formula
Services_Weather_Common::calculateWindChill() Calculate windchill from temperature and windspeed (enhanced formula)
Services_Weather_Common::convertDistance() Convert distance between km, ft and sm
Services_Weather_Common::convertPressure() Convert pressure between in, hpa, mb, mm and atm
Services_Weather_Common::convertSpeed() Convert speed between mph, kmh, kt, mps and fps
Services_Weather_Common::convertTemperature() Convert temperature between f and c
Services_Weather_Common::getUnitsFormat() Returns the selected units format
Services_Weather_Common::polar2cartesian() Convert polar coordinates to cartesian coordinates
Services_Weather_Common::setCache() Enables caching the data, usage strongly recommended
Services_Weather_Common::setDateTimeFormat() Changes the representation of time and dates (see
Services_Weather_Common::setHttpTimeout() Sets the timeout in seconds for HTTP requests
Services_Weather_Common::setUnitsFormat() Changes the representation of the units (standard/metric)
Sets the source, where the class tries to locate the METAR data (Previous) Get the forecast for the next days (Next)
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