Subversion can be used to manage trees of source code, text files, image files -- just about any collection of files.

VersionControl_SVN's features include:

  • Full support of svn subcommands.

  • Flexible error reporting provided by PEAR_ErrorStack.

  • Multi-object factory design.

  • Fully documented source code

The power of a version control system like Subversion, when accessed through VersionControl_SVN, can be extended far beyond typical "source code" repositories.

For example, what content management system (CMS) couldn't benefit from version control functionality? For many non-programmers, version control is a confusing subject to get a firm grasp on. With VersionControl_SVN, developers are now able to customize the interface to Subversion with the ease-of-use goals of their particular audience in mind. VersionControl_SVN lets you leverage the strengths of version control without burdening end-users with the learning curve of change control fundamentals.

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