Structures_DataGrid_Column::setFormatter() – Set Formatter Callback


require_once 'Structures/DataGrid/Column.php';

mixed Structures_DataGrid_Column::setFormatter ( mixed $formatter , array $arguments = array() )


Define a formatting callback function with optional arguments for this column.

The callback function receives the following array as its first argument:

'record' => associative array of all fields values for this record,
'fieldName' => the field name of this column,
'columnName' => the label (headerof this column,
'orderBy' => the field name to sort this column by,
'attribs' => this column's attributes,
currRow' => zero-based row index,
currCol' => zero-based column index,

If you pass the optional $arguments parameter to setFormatter(), the callback function will receive it as its second argument.


mixed $formatter

Callback PHP pseudo-type (Array or String)

array $arguments

Associative array of parameters passed to as second argument to the callback function

Return value

returns PEAR_Error on failure


throws no exceptions thrown


This function can not be called statically.

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