PEAR_PackageUpdate::determinePrefFile – Returns the path to the preferences file.


require_once 'PEAR/PackageUpdate.php';

string PEAR_PackageUpdate::determinePrefFile ( )


Returns the path to the preferences file.

The preferences file holds information about whether or not the user would like to be notified about updates for individual packages. If the user is on a Windows machine, the file will be in the PEAR_CONFIG_SYSCONFIG directory and named ppurc.ini. If the user is on any operating system, the preferences file will be stored in the user's home directory as the file .ppurc.


since 0.4.0a1

This function can be called statically.

Return value

string - The full path to the preferences file.

Loads the user's preferences from the preference file. (Previous) Checks to see if an update is available and the user has asked not to be notified about the update. (Next)
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