Net_POP3::login() – Performs the login procedure


require_once 'Net/POP3.php';

boolean Net_POP3::login ( string $user string $pass boolean $apop )


Performs the login procedure. If there is a timestamp stored, APOP will be tried first, then basic USER/PASS.


  • string $user - Username to use

  • string $pass - Password to use

  • boolean $apop - Whether to try APOP first

Return value

Returns TRUE on success, PEAR_Error on failure.


This function can not be called statically.

Returns the size of the maildrop (Previous) number of messages in this maildrop (Next)
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User Notes:

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If you are getting authentication errors then use the third parameter like this:

$ret = $pop3->login($mail_username, $mail_password, 'USER');

Where 'USER' is a string and not a boolean value.

Apparently nobody is going to fix it.