Net_Finger::query() – does a finger query


require_once 'Net/Finger.php';

string Net_Finger::query ( string $server , string $query )


Execute a finger query on a server


  • string $server - The name of the server or the IP-adress

  • string $query - The finger object to look up

Return value

string - the data from the finger request.


The returned PEAR_Error object in case of an error is unspecific, so you can ignore the error code and/or message. The reason for a failure could be a failed connection to the server or the server did not run a finger service.

You will not get a PEAR_Error, if the query fails due to a not existing finger object. This can be only done by checking the data returned by query().


This function can be called statically.


Using query()


"localhost" // or IP adress to use
$query  "ralph" ;     // Username to look up

$data Net_Finger::query$server$query) ;

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