Auth_Container_IMAP – Authenticate against an IMAP server

IMAP Container

This storage container connects to the specified IMAP server and tries to login there with the specified username/password.

The storage-specific argument for the Auth constructor() is an array of options.

Available Options
Option Data Type Default value Description
"host" string "localhost" The hostname or the IP address of the IMAP server
"port" integer 143 The port where the IMAP server is listening
"baseDSN" string "

This controls the methods used to connect. Like SSL, TLS and certificate validation.

To connect to an SSL IMAP server: "/imap/ssl"

To connect to an SSL IMAP server with a self-signed certificate: "'/imap/ssl/novalidate-cert'"

Further options may be available and can be found on the php site at

"timeout" integer 20 Timeout in seconds for connecting to the server.
"checkServer" boolean TRUE Whether to check if we can connect to the server when starting container.
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