Generating a list of what's needed

Assuming you want to replicate a subset of PEAR-installable packages that are on one machine and you wish to install that same set on another machine, this is one suggested way to get the required details: Use the output of "$ pear list -a" to determine the names of the packages, which versions are installed and what channels they were installed from.

For example (edited for brevity):

Installed packages, channel
Package Version State
PhD     0.4.6   beta

Installed packages, channel
Package                         Version   State
PEAR                            1.8.1     stable
PEAR_Size                       0.1.9     alpha
PHP_Beautifier                  0.1.14    beta
PHP_CodeSniffer                 1.2.0RC1  beta
PHP_CompatInfo                  1.9.0     stable
PHP_UML                         0.5.2     alpha
PhpDocumentor                   1.4.2     stable
Testing_Selenium                0.4.3     beta

Installed packages, channel
Package Version State
PHPUnit 3.3.16  stable
phpcpd  1.1.1   stable
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