Before you begin

Always remember that PEAR has a help command:

$ pear help
.. list of commands follows .. 

Command examples will have a dollar sign $ before each line that is typed. This helps to distinguish input from the output of the PEAR installer.

$ is just an example for a command prompt. Depending on your distribution or personal preferences, your shell might display a username, often combined with the current path: joe:~/some/path>

Help for a command is just as easy to get:

$ pear help <command>
$ pear help install
.. help for install follows ..
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User Notes:

Note by: yecril71pl
The execution of pear can be broken or inject malicious code if you set the PHP_PEAR_PHP_BIN to an incorrect value.

For example:

export PHP_PEAR_PHP_BIN='echo PWND';

Make sure this environment variable is not set because it is not sanitised in any way.