PEAR_Validate::validPackageName() – utility method to validate a package name string


require_once '/Validate.php';

void PEAR_Validate::validPackageName ( string $name , string $validatepackagename = false )


Validate a package name string. The second parameter should be the name of the channel validation package, as defined by channel.xml for the current channel. If the package name being validated is the same as the validation package (case-insensitive), then it will be validated using the default rules for PEAR packages.


string $name

package name to validate

string $validatepackagename

name of channel-specific validation package


throws no exceptions thrown


final - this method should not be overridden.


This function can not be called statically.

This validates a dependency group name, and dependency group names must conform to the PEAR naming convention, so the method is final and static. (Previous) Determine whether $state represents a valid stability level (Next)
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