PEAR_REST::downloadHttp() – Efficiently Download a file through HTTP. Returns downloaded file as a string in-memory This is best used for small files


require_once '/REST.php';

string|array PEAR_REST::downloadHttp ( string $url , false|string|array $lastmodified = null , false|array $accept = false , string $save_dir )


If an HTTP proxy has been configured (http_proxy PEAR_Config setting), the proxy will be used.


string $url

the URL to download

FALSE|string|array $lastmodified

header values to check against for caching use FALSE to return the header values from this download

FALSE|array $accept

Accept headers to send. This should be a list of MIME types like text/xml, frog/legs, etc.

string $save_dir

directory to save file in

Return value

returns Returns the contents of the downloaded file or a PEAR error on failure. If the error is caused by socket-related errors, the error object will have the fsockopen error code available through getCode(). If caching is requested, then return the header values.


throws no exceptions thrown


This function can not be called statically.

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