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Bug #3614 PEAR 1.4 Fatal Error in 'pear uninstall'
Submitted: 2005-02-27 19:01 UTC
From: davey Assigned: cellog
Status: Bogus Package: PEAR
PHP Version: 5.0.3 OS: FreeBSD 4.10
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 [2005-02-27 19:01 UTC] davey
Description: ------------ $ sudo ./pear uninstall chiara/PEAR_Server Fatal error: Call to a member function resetDirtree() on a non-object in /usr/local/php/pear/lib/php/PEAR/Installer.php on line 781 I installed PEAR_Server with 1.3.x (or an old 1.4CVS, I forget) when we were testing months ago. I tried to uninstall it because: $ sudo ./pear channel-delete Chiara Channel "chiara" has installed packages, cannot delete But $ sudo ./pear list-all Chiara | grep -i chiara Shows nothing yet: $ sudo ./pear list -c Chiara Installed packages, channel chiara: =================================== Package Version State PEAR_Server 0.3.0 devel Please don't make me toast another PEAR installation, this one is production. Heh. The problem started because after doing a channel discover on chiara, I had two chiara and two pear channels, presumably from my initial forays in PEAR 1.4 - Davey


 [2005-03-01 16:52 UTC] cellog
This is most likely because the older PEAR_Server's package.xml was a different and now invalid format. I would manually uninstall it via cd .registry/ del pear_server.reg from your php_dir I am almost positive this is the issue. After you delete the .reg, you'll be able to channel-delete and try the re-install/uninstall
 [2005-03-01 17:19 UTC] davey
There is no folder with the name "" and "" has no files in it. So I don't think this is the issue. As I recall now, I completely toasted my old PEAR install (when we were testing 1.4.0a1 a few weeks before release) if you recall, so there is nothing left over of it. I completely deleted the old pear folder. - Davey
 [2005-03-03 02:35 UTC] cellog
there has to be something there davey, or it would let you delete the channel. Is there a chiara directory? The channel used to be named "chiara". PEAR_Server versions even slightly older had incompatible xml in the <postinstallscript/> tag. Perhaps you could pear info chiara/PEAR_Server? If the version is older than the latest release, the bug is bogus. Greg
 [2005-03-03 02:48 UTC] davey
Bleh, I was having a brainfart, I did the checks for .reg files on my desktop, rather than my server. *doh* Your solution was indeed correct - thanks. - Davey