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Class: Publisher

Source Location: /PhpDocumentor-1.5.0a1/phpDocumentor/

Class Overview

a class for handling the publishing of data



  • Release: 1.5.0a1


  • 2000-2007 Kellin, Joshua Eichorn



Child classes:

PHP Parser for PHP 4.2.3-

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Class Details

[line 54]
a class for handling the publishing of data

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Class Variables

$popEvent = array()

[line 67]

Type:   array

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$pushEvent = array()

[line 66]

Type:   array

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$subscriber = array()

[line 62]

Array of references objects that have Subscribed to this publisher

Type:   array

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$tokens = array()

[line 64]

Type:   array

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Method Detail

publishEvent   [line 96]

void publishEvent( integer $event, mixed $data)

Publish an event


integer   $event     see PARSER_EVENT_* constants
mixed   $data     anything the subscribed event handler is expecting

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subscribe   [line 83]

void subscribe( integer $event, class &$object)

Adds a subscriber to the $subscriber array().

if $event is '*', the publisher will use $object as the default event handler

  • Todo: CS Cleanup - there's no way I can get the &$object desc under 85 chars


integer   $event     see PARSER_EVENT_* constants
class   &$object     any class that has a HandleEvent() method like phpDocumentor_IntermediateParser::HandleEvent() or Classes::HandleEvent()

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