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Class: Classes

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Class Overview

Intermediate class parsing structure.



  • Release: 1.5.0a1


  • 2001-2007 Gregory Beaver


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Class Details

[line 70]
Intermediate class parsing structure.

The phpDocumentor_IntermediateParser class uses this class and its cousin, ProceduralPages to organize all parsed source code elements. Data is fed to each immediately after it is parsed, and at conversion time, everything is organized.

The Classes class is responsible for all inheritance, including resolving name conflicts between classes, determining which classes extend other classes, and is responsible for all inheritance of documentation.

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Method Detail

addClass   [line 393]

void addClass( parserClass &$element)

While parsing, add a class to the list of parsed classes

sets up the $classesbyfile, $classesbynamefile, $extendsbyfile, $classchildrenbyfile, $roots arrays, and sets $curclass


parserClass   &$element     element is a parserClass

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addConst   [line 466]

void addConst( parserConst &$element)

While parsing, add a variable to the list of parsed variables

sets up the $constsbyfile array using $curfile and $curclass


parserConst   &$element     element is a parserConst

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addMethod   [line 434]

void addMethod( parserMethod &$element)

While parsing, add a method to the list of parsed methods

sets up the $methodsbyfile array using $curfile and $curclass


parserMethod   &$element     element is a parserMethod

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addPackageToFile   [line 497]

void addPackageToFile( string $package)

Mark a package as being used in a class

  1. function addPackageToFile($package)
  2.     {
  3.         if (!isset($this->revcpbf[$this->curfile][$package]))
  4.         $this->classpackagebyfile[$this->curfile][$package;
  5.         $this->revcpbf[$this->curfile][$package]    = 1;
  6.     }


string   $package     package name

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addVar   [line 450]

void addVar( parserVar &$element)

While parsing, add a variable to the list of parsed variables

sets up the $varsbyfile array using $curfile and $curclass


parserVar   &$element     element is a parserVar

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getClass   [line 943]

parserClass &getClass( string $class, string $file)

Get the parserClass representation of a class from its name and file


string   $class     classname
string   $file     file classname is located in

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getClassByPackage   [line 1189]

mixed &getClassByPackage( string $class, string $package)

Search for a class in a package
  • Return: returns false if no class in $package, otherwise returns a parserClass


string   $class     classname
string   $package     package classname is in

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getClassesInPath   [line 960]

mixed getClassesInPath( string $path)

Used by parserData::getClasses() to retrieve classes defined in file $path

retrieves the array entry from $classesbyfile for $path

  • Return: returns false if no classes defined in the file, otherwise returns an array of parserClasses


string   $path     full path to filename

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getConflicts   [line 630]

mixed getConflicts( mixed $class)

If a package contains two classes with the same name, this function finds that conflict

Returns the $classconflicts entry for class $class, minus its own path

  • Return: returns false if no conflicts, or an array of paths containing conflicts


mixed   $class     the class name to search for

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getDefiniteChildren   [line 1349]

mixed getDefiniteChildren( string $parclass, string $file)

Get all classes confirmed in parsing to be descended class $parclass in file $file
  • Return: either false if no children, or array of format array(childname => childfile,childname2 => childfile2,...)
  • See: parserClass::getChildClassList()
  • Uses: $definitechild


string   $parclass     name of parent class
string   $file     file parent class is found in

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getParentClass   [line 1227]

mixed getParentClass( string $class, string $file)

Find the parent class of a class in file $file

uses 3 tests to find the parent classname:

  1. only one class with the parent classname
  2. more than one class, but only one in the same file as the child
  3. only one parent class in the same package as the child

  • Return: false if no parent class, a string if no parent class found by that name, and an array(file parentclass is in, parentclassname)
  • Usedby: Classes::setClassParent() - to find the parent class


string   $class     classname
string   $file     file classname is located in

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getRoots   [line 1292]

array getRoots( [boolean $all = false])

Get a list of all root classes indexed by package. Used to generate class trees by Converter
  • Return: array(package => array(rootclassname, rootclassname,...),...)


boolean   $all     [since phpDocumentor 1.3.0RC6] determines whether to return class trees that extend non-parsed classes

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Inherit   [line 546]

void Inherit( phpDocumentor_IntermediateParser &$render)

Main processing engine for setting up class inheritance.

This function uses $roots to traverse the inheritance tree via processChild() and returns the data structures phpDocumentor_IntermediateParser needs to convert parsed data to output using phpDocumentor_IntermediateParser::Convert()

  • Todo: CS Cleanup - rename to "inherit" for CamelCaps naming standard
  • Uses: Classes::processChild() - set up inheritance


phpDocumentor_IntermediateParser   &$render     the renderer object

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nextFile   [line 482]

void nextFile( string $file)

Prepare to parse a new file

sets $curfile to $file and $curclass to false (no class being parsed)


string   $file     file currently being parsed

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processChild   [line 690]

void processChild( phpDocumentor_IntermediateParser &$render, string $class, string $file, [boolean $furb = false])

This function recursively climbs up the class tree, setting inherited information like package and adds the elements to phpDocumentor_IntermediateParser.

Using structures defined in Classes, the function first sets package information, and then seeks out child classes. It uses 3 tests to determine whether a class is a child class.

  1. child class is in the same file as the parent class and extends parent class
  2. child class is in a different file and specifies the parent's @package in its docblock
  3. child class is in a different file and is in a different @package, with one possible parent class


phpDocumentor_IntermediateParser   &$render     the renderer object
string   $class     class to process
string   $file     name of file $class is located in
boolean   $furb     flag used privately to control informational output while parsing (used when processing leftover classes in Inherit()

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setClassParent   [line 518]

void setClassParent( string $class, string $file)

Find the parent class of $class, and set up structures to note this fact

Modifies the parserClass element in $classesbyfile to use the parent's package, and inherit methods/vars

  • Uses: Classes::getParentClass() - to find the parent class
  • Uses: $definitechild - if a match is made between a parent class and parameter $class in file $file, then definitechild is set here


string   $class     child class to find parent class
string   $file     file child class is located in

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