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Class: phpDocumentor_XML_Beautifier_Tokenizer

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Highlights source code using parse()



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Highlights source code using parse()

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Class Variables

$eventHandlers = array(
                                PHPDOC_XMLTOKEN_EVENT_NOEVENTS => 'normalHandler',
                                PHPDOC_XMLTOKEN_EVENT_XML => 'parseXMLHandler',
                                PHPDOC_XMLTOKEN_EVENT_PI => 'parsePiHandler',
                                PHPDOC_XMLTOKEN_EVENT_ATTRIBUTE => 'attrHandler',
                                PHPDOC_XMLTOKEN_EVENT_OPENTAG => 'tagHandler',
                                PHPDOC_XMLTOKEN_EVENT_IN_CDATA => 'realcdataHandler',
                                PHPDOC_XMLTOKEN_EVENT_DEF => 'defHandler',
                                PHPDOC_XMLTOKEN_EVENT_CLOSETAG => 'closetagHandler',
                                PHPDOC_XMLTOKEN_EVENT_ENTITY => 'entityHandler',
                                PHPDOC_XMLTOKEN_EVENT_COMMENT => 'commentHandler',
                                PHPDOC_XMLTOKEN_EVENT_SINGLEQUOTE => 'stringHandler',
                                PHPDOC_XMLTOKEN_EVENT_DOUBLEQUOTE => 'stringHandler',
                                PHPDOC_XMLTOKEN_EVENT_CDATA => 'parseCdataHandler',

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Type:   array

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Method Detail

phpDocumentor_XML_Beautifier_Tokenizer (Constructor)   [line 570]

phpDocumentor_XML_Beautifier_Tokenizer phpDocumentor_XML_Beautifier_Tokenizer( )

Initialize the $tokenpushEvent, $wordpushEvent arrays

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checkEventPop   [line 535]

mixed checkEventPop( $word, $pevent)

this function checks whether parameter $word is a token for popping the current event off of the Event Stack.
  • Return: returns false, or the event number popped off of the stack



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checkEventPush   [line 513]

mixed checkEventPush( $word, $pevent)

this function checks whether parameter $word is a token for pushing a new event onto the Event Stack.
  • Return: returns false, or the event number



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configWordParser   [line 504]

void configWordParser( $value $e)

tell the parser's WordParser $wp to set up tokens to parse words by.

tokens are word separators. In English, a space or punctuation are examples of tokens. In PHP, a token can be a ;, a parenthesis, or even the word "function"


$value   $e     integer an event number

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getParserEventName   [line 661]

void getParserEventName( $value)



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incdataHandler   [line 408]

void incdataHandler( object XML $parser, string $cdata)

Handler for real character data
  • Access: protected


object XML   $parser     parser object
string   $cdata     CDATA

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parseString   [line 108]

bool parseString( string $parse_data, Converter 1, false|string 2, false|integer 3)

Parse a new file

The parse() method is a do...while() loop that retrieves tokens one by one from the $_event_stack, and uses the token event array set up by the class constructor to call event handlers.

The event handlers each process the tokens passed to them, and use the _addoutput() method to append the processed tokens to the $_line variable. The word parser calls newLineNum() every time a line is reached.

In addition, the event handlers use special linking functions _link() and its cousins (_classlink(), etc.) to create in-code hyperlinks to the documentation for source code elements that are in the source code.


Converter   1     
false|string   2     full path to file with @filesource tag, if this is a @filesource parse
false|integer   3     starting line number from {@source linenum}
string   $parse_data     

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setupStates   [line 553]

void setupStates( boolean $parsedata, false|string 1)

Initialize all parser state variables


false|string   1     name of class we are going to start from
boolean   $parsedata     true if we are highlighting an inline {@source} tag's output

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