There are 8 PEAR-related mailing lists available. Most of them have archives available, and they are also available as newsgroups on our news server. The archives are searchable. The lists are described in more detail in the manual.

PEAR Mailing Lists Moderated Archive Newsgroup Name
PEAR general list
A list for people with questions on how to use PEAR
no yes yes http pear-general
PEAR developers list
A list for the people who make PEAR packages
no yes yes http pear-dev
All commits to PEAR's SVN repository get automatically posted to this list
no yes yes http pear-cvs
PEAR documentation list
A list for discussing topics related to the PEAR documentation.
no yes yes http pear-doc
PEAR QA list
A list for managing PEAR's Quality Assurance process
no yes yes http pear-qa
PEAR Core development list
A list for the people who make PEAR's core infrastructure
no yes yes http pear-core
PEAR webmaster list
A list for the people managing PEAR's website
no yes yes http pear-webmaster
PEAR bugs list
A list for people that want to monitor every single bug and comments/changes on those bugs
no n/a yes http pear-bugs

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