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- Run PHP_CodeSniffer on the package sources to find coding style problems
- The class is really big, too big in my eyes. Perhaps the functionality could be grouped into subclasses, with a base class that implements the daemon communitcation functionality.
- If I understood correctly, the daemon can be accessed over network. This also means that the client can be run on a windows system. "/tmp/" as directory for log files is invalid in this case. PEAR's System class has methods to retrieve the tmp path.
- The docblocks are mostly without content. Proper parameter and function descriptions are needed.
- Maybe a mock server could be used for tests when no real server is available. Further, config.php should not be installed by pear but a file like "config.php.dist" that the user needs to copy and setup to config.php first. Further, the tests should be skipped if no config is setup.