Proposal for "MP3_Playlist"

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  • Category: File Formats
  • Proposer: David Costa 
  • License: PHP
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MP3_Playlist is a php library to facilitate the creation and to some extend the rendering of MP3 playlists.

It scans a local folder with all the MP3 files and outputs the playlist in several formats including M3U, Smil, XML, XHTML with the possibility to backup the lists on the fly with an SQLite DB.

Requires PHP 5 and MP3_Id.

A more complete explanation with examples and source code is available on the Wiki:

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Update 11 June 2004 :
-Daniel Convissor was generous enough to clean up the code.
- ob_start(); and ob_end_clean are used because MP3_Id adds 2 newlines that breaks the XML output...

Update 12 June 2004 :
-improved the SQlite query as suggest by -Daniel Convissor removing the useless comments and variables
-fixed 2 more CS-related small errors

Update 14 June 2004
-removed ob_start and ob_end_clean as the bug on MP3_ID was fixed with
MP3_ID 1.1.3 2004-06-14: Fixed bug #162
Thanks to Stefan Neufeind for reporting the bug and to the maintainer for the prompt fix.

Update 22 June 2004

-Removed PEAR and MP3_ID as dependencies
-Code is fully E_STRICT compliant;
-PEAR Exceptions class used for error handing
added the possibility to scan an unlimited number of subdirectories on
Linux, Mac, and Windows (Ashley Hewson)
reads tags without MP3_ID (Ashley Hewson)

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  • MP3_ID
  • PEAR
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  • First Draft: 2004-06-10
  • Proposal: 2004-06-10
  • Call for Votes: 2004-08-21