Proposal for "PCB"

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  • Category: File Formats
  • Proposer: Matt Jenkins 
  • License: BSD Style
  • Status: Draft
» Description

Collection of nested classes to interact with and manipulate gEDA PCB files. Provides a single coherent parent object for an entire PCB with a tree of sub objects within it for every structure within the file. Objects can be manipulated within the tree, and the whole tree can be output again in gEDA PCB format.

» Dependencies » Links
  • PCRE (preg_*)
  • GD (optional for examples)
» Timeline » Changelog
  • First Draft: 2012-12-03
  • Proposal: 1970-01-01
  • Call for Votes: 1970-01-01
  • Voting Extended: 1970-01-01