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System_Launcher is a simple opener of filenames and URLs.

By using the operating system's features for opening a file or URL, this package simplifies writing command-line tools that open HTML documentation et cetera. For instance, upon successful install, the "next steps" URL could be loaded in the browser.

A use-case is the yet-to-be pear report-bug command. The user enters a package name, and is sent to a web page where to report her bug, with some form values pre-filled. Say, her PHP version, at least.

Currently supports: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux (KDE, GNOME, anyone having Portland). To support more desktop/OS variations, it's simple to create new driver classes for the package.

Based on original code by cweiske, and feedback given by the PEAR community.

If you'd like to install it, criticize it, rely on it, experiment with it: here is a
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  • First Draft: 2010-08-17
  • Proposal: 2010-08-17
  • Call for Votes: 2011-07-14
  • Voting Extended: 1970-01-01
  • Olle Jonsson
    [2010-08-19 17:18 UTC]

    Incorporated the rename, and the new architecture.

  • Olle Jonsson
    [2010-08-19 17:23 UTC]

    Updated PEAR package file to release 0.5.2.

  • Olle Jonsson
    [2011-07-12 12:04 UTC]

    Changed URLs to Github repository.

  • Olle Jonsson
    [2011-07-12 12:09 UTC]

    Better explanation of what the module does.

  • Olle Jonsson
    [2011-07-12 15:36 UTC]

    Updated to v0.5.4 that improves the test coverage, ignoring a few very-hard-to-test code lines, and setting up PHPUnit configuration to be able to take advantage of the existing PEAR testing infrastructure.

  • Olle Jonsson
    [2011-07-14 16:15 UTC]

    Agile Docs for PHPUnit tests added in 0.5.5.

  • Olle Jonsson
    [2011-07-14 16:31 UTC]

    Made sure there was a pear-packaged tgz to download.

  • Olle Jonsson
    [2011-07-14 16:32 UTC]

    Right! Let's have a round of voting!

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