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A QuickForm plugin element that extends the select element and turns its options into checkboxes or radio buttons depending on whether the multiple html attribute was set or not. For extra options not listed, you can also render an 'Other' textfield.

Each of these radio buttons could've easily been created individually and then grouped together, however it integrates well into the business logic layer, is easily scalable and when creating quite a few form elements of this format it saves time.

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  • First Draft: 2007-01-27
  • Proposal: 2007-01-27
  • Call for Votes: 2007-02-03
  • David Sanders
    [2007-01-27 06:28 UTC]

    Added a phps link :)

  • David Sanders
    [2007-02-02 11:16 UTC]

    Changed license to LGPL

    Also updated source with a few corrections:
    - Added parent call in setSelected().
    - Removed a few redundant checks.
    - HTML comment now displaying correctly.
    - Using tabs to align html, providing they get set.
    - Fixed a php notice if the element was set for multiple and an array wasn't posted.