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This is a PHP5 replacement for Image_Color to do color conversion and mixing. All the conversion is delegated to color model plug-ins.

Currently supported color models:

  • Grayscale - perceptively weighted grayscale.
  • Hex - Hex RGB colors i.e. #abcdef
  • Hsl - Used in CSS3 to define colors.
  • Hsv - Used by Photoshop and other graphics pacakges.
  • Named - RGB value for named colors like black, khaki, etc.
  • WebsafeHex - Just like Hex but rounded to websafe colors.

The list of things I want to finish up before I'll consider this "stable":

  • Maintaining an optional alpha channel for each color.
  • Implementing a CMYK color model.

There are a couple of Image_Color features that I haven't implemented yet, namely getRange(), changeLightness(). I still haven't decided how to best implement them and didn't want to commit to anything at this point.

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  • First Draft: 2005-09-07
  • Proposal: 2005-09-07
  • Call for Votes: 2005-09-22
  • Voting Extended: 2005-09-30

  • [2005-09-07 04:07 UTC]

    • Fixed the package name from Images::Image_Color2 -> Images::Color2 (not sure how I missed that).
    • Fixed a typo in the description, and then switched the order of two paragraphs.

  • [2005-09-07 20:00 UTC]

    • Added link to .phps ("ForceType application/x-httpd-php-source" mades that easy enough.)
  • Andrew Morton
    [2005-09-22 19:27 UTC]

    • Updated the description to reflect the addition of the CMYK color model.
    • Updated the .tgz package link.