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  • Alan Knowles  [2004-06-03 17:45 UTC]

    the concept sounds ok. however the code doesnt tie up with the idea..
    - what is an xml parser doing in there?
    - why is it making GtkWindows (if it supposed to provide a Widget?)

    you probably want to modify the Proposal (spell Scrolling correctly)
    and include a basic usage example in the proposal..
  • Arnaud Limbourg  [2004-06-07 20:29 UTC]

    I just quickly looked through the source but this package looks very interesting though I have never used PHP-GTK so I'm probably not the best person to comment.
  • Alan Knowles  [2004-06-09 04:31 UTC]

    Ok - docs are alot clearer

    * the file name will be Gtk/ScrollingLabel.php

    It may be worth considering using
    var $widget (as the eventbox);

    so that you can use
    $vbox->add($scrollinglabel->widget); as unfortunatly we cant extend widgets very reliably

    It a common technique I've been using here. - it also means you dont really need the hide/show methods (I presume hiding the eventbox triggers hiding the label?)

    Otherwise seems ok.
  • Scott Mattocks  [2004-06-09 11:57 UTC]

    Docs have been finished up and style changes have been made per Stephan's request.

    $this->eventBox has been changed to $this->widget at the suggestion of Alan.